Wednesday, March 23

le bachelor

i have a guilty secret.

i have been watching 'le bachelor'.

it's all CrazyTalk's fault. while i was visiting bella in normandy, she had the tv on wednesday night, and for some BIZARRO reason - i got hooked. i'm not a big TV watcher, nor a big tv fan - ok, i'm rather ANTI-TV for the most part (unless a DVD player is hooked up to it!) but now that i started, it's too late. i want to know who he picks.

we are on week four, and tonight he handed out roses to four out of the six women left (of the original 20). [on the link you can see their photos - one of the twins (jenny, i think), julie, marie, and virginie.] frankly i'm SHOCKED julie is still there. i would have booted her 2 weeks ago.

would any of you consent to being on a show such as this? to find your true love? i mean, i suppose it's true that lightning can strike anywhere- and theoretically, at least, you can meet your 'âme sœur' (soul mate) just as easily in the grocery store as the set of your next blockbuster [actually, with the frequency of "ACT-TORS" getting together, maybe it's easier to find your soul mate on set...].

of course, it being a french tv reality show [REAL being the operative word], i don't understand everything that's being said - but, as you may imagine, with 'le bachelor', it's not really necessary it?


Katia said...

omg i'm addicted to it too. It's pathetic, but I'm not ashamed of it. Sylvain sits there complaining about it, but then he offers his opinion at the end, "i can't believe he chose jenny!"

I can't believe he chose one of the twins. Both of those chicks should be long gone. AND Julie.

Do you watch "à la recherche?"

Reality tv was the first television that I really got into here in France. Understanding all the words is not as important, because the actions go along with it.

Watching tv will really help you with your french, actually, especially on the pronounciation.

Sammy said...

Hmm, this post make me sad and yet strangely relieved that I don't have a T.V.

Sarita said...

Wait...he only chose one of the twins?

Emily said...

haha... I'm with Sammy, glad to be without TV--I get sucked into this things so easily!

PutYourFlareOn said...

I watch C'est pas trop tot every morning while I get ready and they give me my Bachelor update everymorning. So, it's like I watch the show. It's entertaining to say the least.