Monday, March 28


there are some rather funny french easter traditions.

well, at least funny to me.

the one that *STILL* makes me laugh - "Les Cloches" (the bells). flying bells, no less.

the thursday or friday before easter, the bells cease to ring. [none of the french people i polled knew exactly when they stopped]. "why do the bells cease to ring," you may ask? it's a good question and i'll tell you the answer. it's because they are no longer here [in france]. "where do they go?" you ask. to rome, of course, where they have flown with their (invisible?) little wings to pick up eggs for all the boys and girls to find easter morn.

:: blinks::

um. yeah.

of course, as vivi points out - we have a little bunny rabbit that scurries around and delivers baskets full of chocolates and [evil] easter grass [and PEEPS! i can't forget PEEPS!] - so who am i to talk?

and, so, in honor of the french tradition of the bells :: snicker, snicker::, i bought one (follow link to see photo).

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