Sunday, April 10

nous sommes exploanauts

Great fun was had by all.

(slightly less fun was had by flare and her husband due to fact that when they finally got on SPACE MOUNTAIN: MISSION 2 - they were not actually able to "blast-off" - they were IN THE CAR waiting for the ride to start when "OOPS. sorry - everybody off." so they didn't get to ride it at all. poor things.)

our list of rides.
by kyliemac.

1. space mountain 2
2. star tours
3. pirates of the caribbean (2x) (argh.)
4. big thunder mountain railroad
5. haunted manor
6. indiana jones and the temple of peril: no longer backwards (i TOLD you guys!!)
7. it's a small world (after all) (2x)
8. lancelot (lance-a-low) carousel
9. peter pan's flight
10. pinocchio
11. snow white
12. show boat
13. autotopia
14. dumbo
15. alice's labryinth
16. teacups

lunch was at the blue lagoon (which is attached to the pirates (argh.) ride)

it was Very cold. but somehow we survived.

i'd like to share that SPACE MOUNTAIN: MISSION 2 (which opened today) was Aussie Lass's VERY FIRST ROLLER COASTER EVER!
(bravo ma belle!)

i had a super marvelous time and am happy to announce that the snow that was forecast never showed.

various photos can be viewed at Aussie Lass's link (see right).


ViVi said...

Temple of Peril??? tee heeheeeeeeeeee

Sounds like it was a load of fun! Maybe I'll make it to the next one. :)

Katia said...

Yay yay yay for rollercoasters and fun had by all!

shellorz said...

Gosh, I CAN'T BELIEVE you forgot to mention the fantabulous marbulous TEA CUPS and the rides you've apparently prefered : the PITSTOP!!!

And if you wanted to do Indiana Jones Backwards (I'm talking about the ride here) you could. You just need some contortionist's skills.

PutYourFlareOn said...

Had a very good time with all! Even if we did miss out on Space Mountain... I guess we'll just have to go back, huh?

DDJ said...

Temple of *Peril*? Apparently the word "doom" was too expensive.