Sunday, May 29

procrastination as an art form

things i've done in the last 6 weeks (in no particular order):

thought about studying the 'subjonctif'
toured the acropolis
said hi to the temple at delphi
tried to lunch with the oracle, but no dice
drank wine watching the sun set over the aegean
read smoke and mirrors (neil gaiman) again (neil says hi, by the way)
cleaned the flat
read digital fortress (dan brown)
took my friend to the airport for the last time
attended a 'surprise birthday' picnic at the park in versailles
went to the louvre
sang "head and shoulders, knees and toes" with classes
looked at my friend's pictures of cannes and tried not to drool
drank ouzo
listened to a drunk american vomit in her bed all night
took a nine hour ferry ride to santorini
toured a volcano
froze in the aegean
walked along a black pebble beach
rented a car with a friend and 3 new friends on said island
went to the musée d'orsay
waved at quasimodo
avoided studying for french exam
got diplomas and transcripts translated for "ohmygodyouwanthowmuch?"
took said translations to the sorbonne
received examination date (june 8th)
played "football" (soccer) with 6 year old
sang "no more monkeys jumping on the bed" 8 times in one day
learned the greek alphabet
saw original olympic stadium
waved at the eiffel tower
had dinner with 3 french people and understood almost everything
learned a slang word for "transvesties"
got a t-shirt from cannes
learned almost all the words to "les temps des cathédrales" by heart
finally wrote something on my blog


PutYourFlareOn said...

About freaking time on the last one!

Procrstination rules!

David Kolenda said...

More than I've done in the last few weeks.

Damn, I'm a slacker!