Thursday, June 30

au clair de la lune

a song i learned today:

"au clair de la lune
j'ai peté dans l'eau
ça faisait des bulles
c'était rigolo"*

the first 4 times he** sang it, i thought it was just the normal 'au claire de la lune' song.
then i actually LISTENED to the words.

:: rolling eyes ::

*"in the light of the moon
i farted in the water
it made bubbles
it was funny"

** he's six years old.


shellorz said...

au clair de la lune

->I used to know a kinky version of this song . Which is weird since, almost nobody knows it, the original song , although taught to younglings, is about sex (well it's the kind of songs that have hidden meanings)

Ms Mac said...

OMG! That could be a French version of one of my boys!

Elisabeth said...

The version I sang when I was a kid went on like this:
Ma grand-mère arrive
Avec des ciseaux.
Elle me coupe la lune
En 36 morceaux
(my grandmother arrives
with a pair of scissors.
She cuts my butt up
in 36 pieces.)

But I do like the kinky version.

adwords said...

Ton Francais a l, air plutot bon!

Greg said...

I know what I'll be singing at bedtime tonight.

Anonymous said...

Actually I was wondering what Au Claire De La Lune means.