Tuesday, August 16

i vant to bite your neck

what i did this summer.
by kyliemac

i went to budapest and walked along the danube.

i toured a very old church .

i slept on a train.
i went to transylvania and ate at a mcdonald's which gave me the most perfectly formed cheeseburger i have *ever* seen.

i walked about in a transylvanian graveyard at dusk.

i toured
a castle that reputedly held vlad tepes.
a castle that belongs in a faerie tale.
a castle that was in sore need of refurbishing.


theinsider said...

I am very jealous. Your summer was far more interesting than mine.

I do have one question. How were the fries? :)

Karina said...

hey how are you? i decided to be a lemming and join the blogging world... welcome to mine :) i need to figure out how to add your link to my blog... so much to learn...