Thursday, September 15


this is what i have been for the last month of summer: just plain LAZ-Y.

and why? i have no excuse, but one very good reason:
(though i've spent countless hours playing neopets.)

and said at least 3 times each day -
"oh!. i should put something on my blog."
"oh, i should study some french."
"oh, i should [insert activity here]."

the less i HAVE to do, the less i get done. it's human nature, mostly. years from now, when i look back on this time i've spent paris - i'm going to think - "i should have..." and somehow, that Still doesn't motivate me.

so. i'm writing it here, in hopes that potential public shaming will help to motivate me...(though i sincerely doubt it).

i am going to read "The History of France For Dummies" in french. i've been living in france for two years now, and i realized last year that i know NEXT TO NOTHING about france. ok. yes, they eat a lot of cheese. yes, people really DO wear berets and carry baguettes (and dogs) on bicycles. yes, the eiffle tower is very tall. but as to the history? what i actually know is very little.

paris used to be called LUTECE a very long time ago
marie antoinette had her head chopped off
she didn't actually say "let them eat cake"
there was a king nicknamed "the sun king"
he lived at versailles
now the french have presidents
their presidents have mistresses and no one cares
the louvre used to be someone's house

that about sums it up. i never learned much history in school. not even about my own country really. well, i suppose i did, as i remember BEING in mr. greendonner's advanced history (how can you have ADVANCED HISTORY???) it's actually rather sad. so that's my challenge. i should post something about what i've been reading at least once a week. and in this fashion, we all can gain a little knowledge about the hexagon.

that's the idea anyway -


shellorz said...

Le louvres used to be someone's house ? haha. It merely used to be the king of France's palace for centuries (

Franje said...

Shame on you!!!

I hope that helped. :)

rhino75 said...

Don't listen to them, I think you've got the most important bits covered. I always like to add in the bit about huge parts of the country that were ruled by the British, but that could just be me... :))