Sunday, December 11

santa has a cell phone part 2

friday i dropped by a neighbor's house to drop off some stuff. while we were in the living room, i told them i had a funny story to relate. what i hadn't considered was how the other individual in the room would take my information.

her eyes were like saucers. her face all amazement.

"you know santa's phone number?"


"can we call him?"

her parents tried to head her off at the pass, explaining that with only 10 days until christmas, santa wouldn't have time to talk to her.
but i was confident.

"sure we can call him. he is really busy, but we can see if he's available."

i dial the number.

mrs. claus answers the phone.

"hello, is santa there?"

indeed, santa was right next to mrs. claus.

"hello, santa, it's kylie. i have S right next to me, and she'd like to talk to you."

i hand her the phone. the little thing was so excited she could hardly contain her excitement.

"hi santa!"

"have you been a good girl this year?"

"yes! i have been a good girl!"

"what would you like for christmas this year?"

"i, i, i, i, i, i...une poupée*!" (*a doll)

the precious little american chatted with santa for a bit, promised him cookies, and handed the phone back to me. i thanked santa for taking time out of his christmas preparations to chat.

"i have to go tell A (her sister) i just talked to santa!!!"

she zoomed out of the room, then zoomed right back in.

"now can we call the easter bunny?"


David Kolenda said...

You know EVERYBODY!!!

irene said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't it great how some things are just plain universal!?