Tuesday, January 17

my afternoon

i picked the boys up from school yesterday, and N was very quiet on the walk home.
he wasn't feeling well, and you could tell.

so my afternoon was spent on the couch, and both boys listened while i read* to them
for over three quarters of an hour. starting off with "l'imagerie pour les petits gourmands"
(which is the story of food)...and then following up with the french versions of...

can YOU translate the titles?

"la petite sirène"
"le chat botté"
"la belle au bois dormant"
"les trois petits cochons"

and they sat pretty quietly through the whole thing.
then we played with their new legos.

you know you are jealous.

(and yes, i do the voices.
although i can't imagine how ridiculous i sound in french)

1 comment:

ViVi said...

ok, I'm guessing without the aid of a dictionary...

the little mermaid
puss in boots
sleeping beauty (i used to watch the disney version with the kids I babysat)
the three little pigs

Hope N is feeling better!