Wednesday, January 25

the voyage home

over the christmas holiday, i took home very little (in the grand scope of things) with the idea of filling the mostly empty suitcases with things to bring back with me.

however, between christmas presents, my list of things i wanted to bring back, the list of things i bought with my allowance from the airline losing my luggage FOR A WEEK (very amusing, let me assure you), AND the fact that sometime since my friend moved BACK to the states, all the airlines have apparently LOWERED their luggage weight allowance, i was *AHEM* a BIT over. even rearranging wouldn't work. and sacrifice even ONE bottle of contact solution? when one bottle here can be FOURTEEN FLIPPIN' EUROS! homey don't think so!

there was only one solution:
to bring back an extra carry-on.

i don't know What brought this to my mind today, but there it was - this thought of what a PAIN it would be to have to haul ALL THIS STUFF BACK - i mean, i live in a small studio, i don't have that much stuff! i simply don't have room for it - but even to get back (to the states)what i DO have here, would be a major feat. something i certainly couldn't do on my own with my two big suitcases and my two carry-ons (one of which is hal jr. my little 12" mac), or afford to ship (it would be cheaper to have a friend fly over with empty suitcases and fly back with me.)

which thwaped me on the head with the following thought:

it's simple, really.

i just have to stay in france.

point final.


David Kolenda said...

Well, it would guarantee that I'd have time to find the cash to visit!

Jhessail said...

Oh darn I guess I'll have to come visit you... again...


ViVi said...

sounds like a plan to me. :)