Monday, April 24

a living nightmare

while walking along boulevard st. michel, i glance into the shop windows as i pass them.

most of the clothing shops display the new spring fashions, while a few of the others look
like dioramas of 80's nightmare fashions. i am not, as my mum will attest, a fashion diva,
but, come on people, there was a REASON that stuff went OUT OF STYLE.

how long does it take for something to become "retro" anyway?

on a side note: my new spring coat came out of the closet this week. yes, it's black.
but it's a "spring black".


miss tango in her eyes said...

about 20 years, although early 90's music is now being touted as retro on some retro nights in the clubs.

stinkerbell said...

I know I lived that decade once... I have the photos to prove it, I dont need to go back. I will beat shitless the person I heard call a silk screened jacket with New Kids on the Block vintage if I ever see her again.
I also dont need more of an age crisis having songs from college be called old school.
Italy went through this 2 years ago, now Paris... I guess though I cant say I was dropping acid in my sleep as an explanation any more if others see what I see too :)

La Rêveuse said...

You are rubbing off on me, I'm afraid.

I dyed my white coat.

You know what color.

Black is the new pink, haven't you heard?