Thursday, June 15

ah, la musique!

we are in the playroom, creating "décor d'été" out of colo(u)red paper.

me: "hey nathan, why don't you go get some music to play while we work?"

nathan: "ok!"

he scurries off to the living room to fetch a c.d.
i think it's going to be the "we will rock you" that has children singing "we will rock you."

i was oh-so-very-very-wrong.

he brings the cd, pops it in the player, and presses play.

nathan: "i LOVE this song!"

the song begins.

i just shake my head with a grin.

it's "heart of glass" by BLONDIE.


ViVi said...


Unnecessary "u," 10 yard penalty, first down!


kim said...

dude, may I just mention how freaking AWESOME that is!

Ron said...

He could have brought in one of France's finest Metal bands: Pitbulls In The Nursery.