Tuesday, August 15

la tourneuse de pages

i saw a french film today (yay me). it's called "the page turner" - and it's referring to a person who turns pages for a concert pianist.

when asked how the movie was, the following word was my response.


i liked it okay. which is pretty much how i've been feeling about ALL the movies i've seen in recent days. (although i did enjoy the new cap'n jack story quite a bit).

here's the (poorly translated) description of today's flick:

"When she was about 10 years old, Melanie, a butcher's daughter from a small village in the country, is a particulary gifted piano player. But after a traumatic audition during which a famous pianist, president of the jury, ridicules her, the young prodigy, wounded, abandons her passion...

10 years later...

The past resurfaces. During her internship at a law office, Melanie meets Mr. Fouchécourt, her boss - and husband of the woman who overturned the course of her life. Applied and hard-working, Melanie is quickly noticed by her boss, and he offers her the position of governess to his 10 year old son. Dedicated to avenging herself, she becomes the page turner of madame Fourchécourt. But behind the mask of well-behaved young woman hides an ambiguity in which fascination and attraction mix with manipulation."

more or less, that was the story. although it was the melanie who proposed to be the governess, the boss didn't ask her.

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