Wednesday, October 11

just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

because my email program on hal j. isn't working - i'm updating you all here: i'm headed back into the clinic today, for more work (and reparation) on my lovely spider bite wound (SBW). barring complications, i should be out this weekend.

:: crosses eyes ::


the doctor said they don't know why my leg reacted as it did.
most likely involving a spider and venom.

i just want this story finished with. now.

and after looking at some Really Very Serious spider bite wounds on
the internet (which is really, really great) i'm very thankful that i got off pretty easy.

thanks God.
(and i mean that sincerely)

i, by some miracle, got my (french) Social Security card in the mail just a few days before this medical thing started as well... coincidence?

(and can you deconstruct this sentence? what kind of clause is set off by the commas? can you create the schema? what is the GN and GV? the subject? can you describe it in french vocabulary?)

of course, this means that after missing and having missed a total of, oh, roughly a month of class, i'm having some *issues* "à la fac" (school) which are not getting easily resolved.

(wish me luck.)

i just chant my little mantra, and that makes it a bit less frustrating.

at least my classes seem somewhat interesting (i've been to 5 of 11, i think).
(hobbs theory of power, anyone? and what IS the problematic of Antony and Cleopatra?)
(or Cleoplaster as i heard yesterday :: snickers ::)

one other thing.
my apartment is currently infested with nasty little bloodsuckers.
(ARGH! as if i wasn't paranoid enough with beastie bites at the present moment!)
i've killed six in the last week.
i see one.
manage to um...prevent it from attacking me viciously in the future :: whistles innocently ::
and then not more than 5 minutes later i see another one appear.

or maybe it's just ONE mosquito that has nine lives.

i killed...i mean...liberated from this mortal coil (sorry, blame the shakespeare), and no sooner had i gotten rid of the evidence... :: shifty eyes :: another one flew past my field of vision.

i didn't manage to catch that one, but i did trap it in the window blinds (if you saw my window shades you'd understand how i managed this. :) )


i'd like to congratulate some people i know on selecting Very Cool Glasses.
(flickr is our friend) but not everybody has new glasses!
:: smirks ::

i'll be waiting awhile for new ones myself.

may your week be spider and mosquito free.


Natalie said...

if you have GN AND GV questions, im your girl. but doing it in english might be a bit more difficult, oddly enough. :)

as well, have you tried getting those plug ins for mosquitos? they work wonders.

hope all is well.


kylie said...

i have to learn all the french vocabulary.

what i'm struggling with right now is the RP pronunciations.