Wednesday, February 7

the learning of proper english.

sometimes, i think the boys have hit a plateau with their english. they are nowhere near fluent, but if they think for a minute, generally, they understand what i'm trying to get across. context helps, of course, as do gestures.

(on a side note, i'd like to remind you here, that, although context and gestures DO help, raising the voice does not. louder doesn't mean more intelligible. they aren't deaf. they just don't "get" it. there's a difference. but that's another rant.)

listening in on a david and nathan conversation:

david, responding to a question in english: "yeah..."

nathan, responding to david's response: "tu dit pas 'yeah'. tu dis 'yes.'" (you don't say 'yeah'. you say 'yes'.)

wow. sometimes they ARE listening.

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