Tuesday, March 20

au secours! paris shoe divas untie!!

oh, shoe divas in the parisian area, please come to my aid!

needed: shoes a.s.a.p. for a potential social outing.

the hunt: a simple black high-heeled shoe that doesn't cost a fortune.

requirements: a heel. must have a strap or something to keep the shoe on. being narrow-footed, and flat-footed, without some kind of back to the shoe, it's a no-go. no buckles. no lacey/bow-ey/sparkley bits. classic style that will work with future ensembles.

to go with: a simple classic "little black dress". ( sleeveless and hits just above the knee)

my neighborhood has both nothing i like and nothing i wish to afford (220€ for a pair of shoes is a bit much for my budget)

i've started looking today and can't stomach paying over 75€ for a shoe i don't even like. and WHAT's with all these buckles and whatnot on the shoes?? i've looked in a couple of shops near st. michel, and there is nothing that i'm in love with for the price.

the hunt will recommence this weekend - so any suggestions on neighborhoods or shops will be much appreciated!!


stefanie said...

did u intentionally write a pun into your header or just misspell unite??

I'd try walking along that stretch of the rue de rivoli from chatelet to St Paul, there are tons of relatively inexpensive (for Paris) shoe stores (Minnelli, San Marino, etc). Mellow Yellow (rue des francs bourgeois or on the rue de turbigo) have really cute shoes at reasonable prices too.

kylie said...

well, even if i hadn't intended a pun, i'd never admit to it now! :: grins :: thanks for the tip... i looked at minnelli today, but nothing really grabbed me or seemed appropiate to go with the dress.

La Rêveuse said...

There are two to check out (maybe on your way to visit a little sumo?) in the 13th--I make no guarantees (I'm not there to check), but I know they are both inexpensive!

André Stock and Go'Das on Avenue des Gobelins. Either Pd'I metro or Gobelins would work. I've found stuff at both, with prices usually hovering in the 30 euro range.

Bonne chance!

Soooooo... what's the big event? ;)

kylie said...

the opera. :)

The Bold Soul said...

There seem to be a few cheap shoe stores down here along Rue de la Convention/Rue de Vouillé but I haven't bought anything there. I also seem to recall the Elam (?) stores seemed more reasonable than others.

Ooo, the opera! Now it's my turn to be jalouse of you! Can't wait to hear about it - and which one?

The Late Bloomer said...

What neighborhood are you in again? Try rue de Rennes... I know there are loads of shoe shops leading down from the Tour Montparnasse 'til boulevard St. Germain... You might be able to find something at Jonak or the like... Minelli is probably too expensive, their prices have gone up in recent times (as have Jonak's for that matter, and they're not always the best quality). But at least you'll have l'embarras du choix on rue de Rennes...

La rêveuse may be onto something wirh regard to the "stock" stores though -- I need to check those out myself; they probably have the best styles for the cheapest prices.