Monday, April 23

one more week

exam week.
here i come.

(after two weeks of holidays? WHAT were they thinking???)


The Bold Soul said...

My best advice this week is remember to BREATHE. In and out. A lot. But not so much you hyperventilate. Breathe SLOWLY and DEEPLY. While you're freaking out.

It helps. Trust me, I've had anti-panic attack therapy and the deep breathing really works.

That, and take study breaks and go for a walk or something to keep your sanity.

Bon courage!

kim said...


We are in Seattle doing the vacation thing, but I am in the "business center" (ahem) wishing you to kick some serious exam ass! BOOYAH!

The Late Bloomer said...

Ohhhh, what happened to my original comment? Weird-o-rama, I could have sworn I'd posted one!

Zat's OK... I just wanted to wish ya luck on your exams and tell ya to hang in there -- you'll do great, I'm sure!

And just think: only 5 weeks 'til Tori!