Tuesday, June 12

words of wisdom

kyliemac, lobsterfied after blitzkrieg tour of insanity*: "ouch. ouch. ouch."

david, wise french boy of five years, "if you want it to stop hurting, STOP TOUCHING IT**"

* = details to follow
** = the sunburn lobsterfication. get your heads out of the gutter, people!


Doc said...

Apparently you spelled blitzkrieg wrong. The correct spelling is Blisteredfeet.

jchevais said...

OMG, I hate sunburns.

kylie said...

doc - she was a fantastic victim- i mean TOURIST.

J- you should see my lovely STRIPES. :: rolls eyes :: it's called SUNSCREEN kylie! you'd think i'd KNOW this already!!!

The Late Bloomer said...

Hee hee hee... You're killin' me, Kylie dear! (I always forget the sunscreen in the most crucial of moments, too, so you're not alone there.)

Lovin' that photo of you and Frog that Vivi took. Seriously, I laughed so hard that afternoon. But I was so pompette that I think my boy was embarrassed for me. But I didn't do anything THAT crazy, did I? ;)

The Bold Soul said...

I love David's words of wisdom and they fit other situations, too: I am going to quote your post in MY post today about stupid commentors who write in to say how much they hate my blog but persist in reading it anyway so they can send me MORE rude comments.

Sorry about the sunburn though. (1) Aloe vera gel for now, and (2) SPF 40 for next time around.