Thursday, October 23

podcast awards voting starts today! please vote!

greetings all!
well today is the day the podcast awards kicks off!
if you have a minute, please click the link on the right, which will take you straight to the ballot!

you can vote once a day, and it's a popularity contest, so every vote counts!
we're nominated in the two following categories:

GENERAL: katia and kyliemac V.O. (Original Version)
TRAVEL: katia and kyliemac Tourist Tips

don't forget to vote for your other favorite podcasts!

thanks for your help!!


Mrs C said...

I voted. You should win now.


Mia said...

I voted today but you need to fix your links. They aren't working.

Alissa said...

Done and done! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog...I've been listening to your podcast in order to improve my French, so just wanted to pass along my appreciation. Good luck with the contest, you have my vote!

kylie said...

@mia, alissa, americaninparis - thanks! :D yay!

@mia - tried fixing some and just deleted others. thanks for the heads up!

@american in paris - oh! glad that you are enjoying the podcast. if you have any phrases you'd like us to use, let us know! :D

kylie said...

@mrs c. i did not mean to exclude you! thanks! if we do win, at least we know who to thank in our speech...

"and we'd like to thank mrs. c, without whose vote none of this would be possible..."

Mrs C said...

hee hee

Marie Reed said...

I so voted!

Lavender Honey said...

Hi ... I just read your Comment in my blog a few minutes ago ... clicked on your name ... and was so surprised it was you! I've been following your Podcast all this while and have heard every single episode, including the Learn French and Tourist Tips segments :)