Monday, January 19

books i've read: sex and the slayer

sex and the slayer: a gender studies primer for the buffy fan
lorna jowett
wesleyan university press: 2005

this book is, not surprisingly, about gender studies in buffy the vampire slayer. it was an interesting read, and it seems to me, that the opinion of the author is, unless you are a lesbian, you are conforming to the patriarchal norms of society. there was lots of discussion of 'feminine' versus 'femininity', and the hyper-femininity of buffy and some of the other female characters (glory of season 5 in particular). of course, there was discussion of the feminized male as well. i don't know that it's going to be very helpful for my paper, but she does address adam and maggie walsh, though not in great detail (i mean, what can you say really - they were only in season 4!) and i can't say that i really disagreed with anything she wrote. all in all, i enjoyed the book, and i'd probably read it again.


Elemmaciltur said...

So, you're not the only one who analyse Buffy after all. :-p

Villas in France said...

I've read that! I wrote about Buffy for my dissertation, it was really so interesting. Re-watching all the episodes again now, as I do every year or so.

NIce blog :)