Tuesday, June 8

the true story of the little mouse.

one of the great joys of living is france is learning all the little bizarre tidbits of info that you just don't get at uni.

for example - at easter - it's the bells which bring the eggs. NOT the easter bunny. the bells fly to rome and pick up the eggs to hide.

this saturday i discovered another one: the french version of the TOOTH FAIRY.

one of the triplets lost a tooth - and i asked if she exchanged it for some coin of the realm. and sure enough, the "petite souris" (little mouse) came and claimed it.

i said that we don't have the little mouse in the united states - we have the tooth fairy. and one of them went scrambling up the stairs to deliver to me "THE TRUE STORY OF THE LITTLE MOUSE". which was rather disturbing.


mrs. mouse had 1,250 children. i think it was the sun or moon or fairy or SOMETHING thought they were soooo beautiful - that when the moonbeams touched the children (or something) it turned into gold. mrs. mouse hid it away. for posterity, i guess.

later, the evil ratigan the first kidnapped all her children to use as slaves. of course, mrs. mouse was very upset. she went to get help to rescue her little mice-es. ratigan said he wanted to build a castle out of children's teeth, and she would get one child back for each tooth she brought. so she sought help from the smart owl, who helped her procure a machine to inform her when and where children had lost their teeth, and some kind of flying motorcycle hovercraft thing that can fly all about the earth to collect them.

well, to make a long story short, she managed to recuperate her children. she put a big poster on the wall saying not to throw your teeth away, but to put them under your pillow and you would be compensated (that is where the money came in.) but after she got back all her kids, she kept up the compensation thing so the little kiddies wouldn't be disappointed.

the evil ratigan became the good ratigan and built an amusement park.



i just LOVVVEEEE learning these little treasures.

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