Tuesday, September 14

bienvenue a france!

greetings everyone.

i know it's been a shamefully long time since i have properly updated this blog, as i was reminded countless times by countless people.

well, i'm hoping to stop the slackerdom this year and blog at least once a week. i mean, if one of my favorite authors can manage to post (roughly ::ahem::) once a week, then i should be able to as well, no?

well, as most of you know, or at least many of you have guessed, i'm back in the capitol of france.
city of love
city of light
(that'sa paris, pomador)

i've "installed" myself quite nicely into my new little studio, and am still suffering from jet (smash) lag. in all probability it is most likely the strange and slightly unhealthy hours i've been keeping, but let me keep my illusions, alright?

my new place is a lovely little studio on the 6e étage (which to us is the 7th floor) of a huge building in the 16e arrondissment [read: 16th 'neighborhood']. when i told my french friends where i was to be living this year the response was a universal "OHHHH. the 16th! OH LA LA!" apparently it's the neighborhood where the 'more affluent' live.

lucky me.

fortunately, i do not have to walk up to the 7th floor, as the elevator manages to head up to the 6th, so i have only to walk about 20 steps ... give or take.

i've done nothing overly productive this week save to arrange my things in an order that makes some sense. i'm happy and pleased to announce that the water pressure is marvelous AND i have double paned windows. huzzah.

these are good and happy things.
and i hope you are satisfied mr. noonan!

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