Saturday, March 19


What is the most adventuresome thing you've done in the past year?


what does "adventuresome" mean to you?

whitewater rafting?
auditioning for a musical?
going on a blind date?
eating a new and unknown dish?


david said...

Bowling !! err, no.
I got married. Marriage, fearsome land that nobody ever escaped unharmed.
That reminds me nothing *really* adventurous happened to me during the past year, except maybe, being tailgated by a some honker freak in a truck on the Pacific 1 between San Francisco and Big sur where the road is winding and the ditch leads to a huge dive.

Sarita said...

Whoa....we can leave comments now...nice :)

Adventuresome means so many different things to me. Going to London on a whim with no money and no place to stay just because we can (wink wink). Doing something crazy like moving to France to live with this guy who I had only known for two weeks. Whitewater canoeing through class 5 rapids worried that any moment you just might shit yourself.

:) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hummm! Skydiving? Maybe. Ice Diving? Maybe. Flying into some abandoned grass air strip at dusk? Maybe. Doing a little wall climbing or cavern exploring? Maybe. Extra HALO jump this August:)? Maybe. Gee- I don't know- can't seem to think of somehting unusual to do? I know, actually get a paying job for more than two months this year:) Did you guess who this is yet?
PS: Updated Blog - Wow! (about time slacker:)

kim said...

I guess my answer is probably the same as David's, alas. How wimpy am I?

ViVi said...

Yeah, I guess some people would say moving to a new country where I barely know the language is pretty adventuresome.