Tuesday, March 15

spring is springing

today the sky is the color of robin's eggs.

::looking outside::

well, it's paler than that now, but it WAS the color of robin's eggs this morning.
my trip into work each morning is becoming more pleasant - as it now happens during "daylight hours".

(although there was something about riding the train past the tour eiffel in the early morning hours when the city is quiet and dark and so is the tower.)

the mornings are lengthening, and i'm heading out of the city while the sun is rising, which paints the buildings in a sort of cotton candy pink champagne light.

you can FEEL spring in the air today. even *I* was ready to shed my peacoat (and those of you that know me well know how rare THAT is!)

i have the windows open and there is a soft breeze.

it's beautiful today.
i hope it lasts.


kylie said...

this is a test of the blogger comment system

shellorz said...

As I said earlier, the aussielass had the same title

And I also added "I'm sure there a stroke of gray in Paris' blue skies ;)"

Goddammit, accept THIS comment

kim said...


that, my friend, is the sound of spring.

I, too, shed my peacoat the other day, opting for just a sweater. And damn, did it feel good!

ViVi said...

Damn, I've only just remembered the Spring = allergies. I just woke up from a three hour nap. It's so pretty but it's killin' me!