Sunday, March 13

sonnet 155

i would like to share with all of you, my gentle readers (few though you may be), the following sonnet, penned by the possible Lost Dauphin of France or England:

Sonnet 155

Hark! for I'll not tell this tale sober,
It flatters me none, so ye know it's true.
It all happened when I was taking over,
A ship of Holland, in the Carib blue
Thus did I through amidships, swagger'd
My arms full with the Hollanders' booty,
Thunder and smoke cut thro' coward and braggart
Voice: "I'll take that." Eyes: blind and sooty.
I gave her my treasure, she struck down my timbers,
Her cannons barked smoke cut with black grape,
Could not follow, our ship shot to flinders
We lost to a girl, a crafty sea-ape,
    Who, fought like a man, and swam like an otter,
    Who but she, Ethel the Pyrate's Daughter!

*special thanks to LDoFoE for quick lessons in html

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