Saturday, June 11

the beekeeper

tori is playing the zenith in paris on monday night.

and guess who just got informed that their 'not-so-wonderful-seats" have been exchanged for "fantastically-located-seats"?

yes, oh yes, dear readers, that would be *ME*.

so, if you need to find me on monday night, i'll be in one of the two front rows at the zenith, listening to the screeching goddess* herself playing away on her beloved bösendorfer.

yay me.

(*"screeching goddess" is used in the most affectionate way possible).


Sierra said...

Lucky you! How on earth did you manage it?

kylie said...

in march i received an email from the official website saying, tell us why YOU should sit in one of the first two rows! so i did. how did you enjoy the concert?