Sunday, June 5

le weekend

this weekend i've been acting as parisian tour guide for my new australian friend i met in greece.

(yes, i know, i should have been studying)

our day:
delightful goodies for "breakie" from boulangerie
started at the arc de triomphe
walked to the place de la concorde
admired the obelisk (tried to read the hieroglyphics)
stood on the spot where marie-antoinette lost her head
continued through the tuileries (gardens)
walked through the louvre courtyard [past the glass pyramid)
crossing pont des arts
stood on kilometer zero (from which they measure all distances in paris)
arriving at notre dame where we communed with quasimodo
wandered past most "pretentious" english bookstore in paris (shakespeare and co.)
ate at the creperie du cluny
headed home where i continued NOT to study
ate dinner at LA PERLA (lovely italian restaurant with no english translations on menu, yay!)
had a delightful fig ravioli (i swear it was divine) and a lovely tiramisu (hey cody! ::waving::)
were driven all around paris admiring all the PARIS 2012 decorations
watched the eiffel tower glitter and shimmer until it became one with the night ...
went up to montmartre and gazed at the now darkened city at our feet
arrived safely chez moi and crashed out


PutYourFlareOn said...

You see, I am a good influence on you! La Perla, girl! I am all about that fig & parme raviolis!

Donna said...

Do you think that all cities have this "kilometer zero" thing and keep it a secret? Moscow has one, too. When you stand on it, you're supposed to throw money (coins) in the air and let them hit you. That means you'll come back one day...

Michael said...

Just came across your blog! Great. Where is the ground zero spot? I've lived here 7 years and never knew about it.