Saturday, June 25

my dad is going to love this post.*

once upon a time, in a former life, i went ice-diving on new years eve.
it was probably the stupidest** thing i've ever done in my life.

recently, i have added another item to this list. i've ridden a motorcycle on the étoile.

now, if you have been to paris, and you have been to see the arc de triomphe, then you know that surrounding the arc is a big traffic circle (a rather large roundabout) called the "étoile***" which consists of 12 boulevards which all converge on the 'place de l'étoile'. traffic can be up to 10+ cars deep. there are no stoplights. there are no lanes. there are just cars and buses and scooters and lorries/trucks and motorcycles. priority is given to the right. it's a madhouse. it's complete insanity.

everytime i've been to see the arc (and by the way, if you go there, there is a subterranean passageway to get TO the arc, do NOT try to walk through the traffic!!), i've remarked that only a fool would try to navigate that monstrosity of circulation****.

i have now been one of those fools.
(and lived to tell the tale, merci pour moi).

(* this is what is referred to as sarcasm.)
(** with apologies to my father. i love you, dad.)
(*** étoile = star)
(**** circulation = traffic)

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