Monday, September 19


today i am one happy camper.
i went to get my birthday present from mes chers parents.

my ticket to see A-HA.
:: grins happily ::

one tuesday in november, i am finally going to get to see a band i've been listening to since at least - well, before i graduated high school. it's rather difficult to purchase some of their albums stateside - as they are out of print. and i had to buy most of mine ages ago in london (oh the pain of it!). so i was estactic to discover they will be playing in paris as part of their tour supporting the new album to come. interesting to note, they have ONE american tour date in New York - it's been sold out since the tickets went on sale.

i mean, who doesn't remember the song TAKE ON ME? that video was COOL!
even my MUM knows that song.


David Kolenda said...

I'm definitely not the one to cast the first stone, so I hope you enjoy the concert!

shellorz said...

hunting high and low was a better song than take on me. How old are they now,20 years later ? 43?

So, do they have to pay taxes or something?
There have been an awful lot of come-backs lately (pixies, maiden, pistols, lousy french bands...)

dutchie said...

My oldest son is called Morten (like the leadsinger) and i remember while registering him (is that how you say it?) at the city hall, the girl behind the counter said; oh, you mean like the one from a-ha?

roger said...

What can I say? Heard it on the radio yesterday and sang along. When it came out (was it 1982?), I bought the album on the strength of THAT song. I still want my money back. Thank god for downloads!