Friday, September 30

the best thing about london

N informed me yesterday that he would be going to london.
this is the 1st time my 7-year-old charge will be in an english-speaking country.

"what are you going to do in london?" i asked.

"oh, well..." he began, "we are going to eat really good cookies, and..." he adds, his eyes wide with anticipation, "we are going to buy chewing gum. they have the BEST chewing gum in london."

you learn something new everyday.


David Kolenda said...

Better let him know that the crazy Brits call them "biscuits"

theinsider said...

Do they have the best chewing gum? And cookies?

LOL. Cute kid.

Katia said...

You should know from talking to me that they're called biscuits. Like Tim Tams are biscuits ;) hehehe.

Katia said...

Oh and, " i should post something about what i've been reading at least once a week. and in this fashion, we all can gain a little knowledge about the hexagon."

I'm patiently waiting for my lesson.

Otherwise there will be public shaming involved. hehe.

PutYourFlareOn said...

They do have cinnamon chewing gum there... he does have reason. :)