Friday, October 7

La plume de ma tante est sur la table.

i officially begin my french classes on monday.

i'm beginning again where i left off - superior 1 - which is a relief (as it means i haven't regressed THAT badly.)

i picked up the class schedule today, though i still have my phonétique level test next week, and then to register for the lectures...which will be interesting as the ones in which i'm interested are the same time as my class. i'm not quite sure how that will work.

unfortunately for me, my grammar classes are in the neighborhood of one ms. aussie lass. this is unfortunate because the draw of "doing lunch" with her is going to be irresistable, and my pocketbook can handle only so much.


Katia said...

Awww, we can do sandwiches in the Jardin de Luxembourg. Or eat leaves or something. How does that sound? ;)

David Kolenda said...

Hermione Granger can manage two classes at the same hour of the day.

I'd expect nothing less from you!

afoos said...

I hear you on the lunch- mine are in the same neighborhood too. Maybe we could all three do lunch!

PutYourFlareOn said...

Eating leaves sounds delish... and good for the waistline.

How was school, bella?