Saturday, January 14

and now for something completely different

i love musicals.
though unfortunately, i'm not a singer.
(not that this stops me!)
and so i'd like to take a brief moment to share some of my newer discoveries.
(thanks in part to dk)

a new one based on my favorite book of all time:
Lestat the Musical

one which makes you wonder who thought this would be a good idea:
Debbie Does Dallas!

one which is just...well...look for yourself:
Reefer Madness

and another that is just so wrong you have to love it:
Silence! The Musical*
*warning: contains Very offensive language.


La Rêveuse said...

Sad how EJ's music deflates Lestat.

Really, it should have at least been David Bowie or Axl Rose or something.

Not a man who owns spectacle frames in every color of the rainbow. And who proudly will show you his "eyeglasses closet."


David Kolenda said...

I aim to bring musical joy and happiness to the masses!