Wednesday, January 11

the fisherman

the other night my dream had a title, "the fisherman".
(actually the title was in french for some reason, but i'm wondering why it had a title at all.)

it was a "horror dream" (in the vein of "horror movie") - not so much a nightmare, although i did wake myself up trying to scream.
(which is always very unsettling.)

i only remembered snatches of the dream after i woke, but the part that stuck with me was the killer in the dream could only be seen in mirrors. the opposite of vampires.

it was very scary.


irene said...

I think you're watching too much Buffy and Angel. but this is one of the things I just love about you.

kylie said...

one would think so! except i've never seen an episode of Angel and i haven't watched Buffy in ages. i'm on a Jane Austen kick. (a very different thing, indeed!) :)