Wednesday, January 4

new year resolution #1

i will write on my blog (more often).


normally, i make a couple of new years' resolutions that i never keep.
they tend to be the same ones year after

"this year i'll be able to touch my toes - without bending my knees"

or really, really ambitious ones like:

"i will do the splits"

(i'm about as flexible as a can-opener - the kind that i'm used to using before, not the kind that i'm using now - which is very unflexible indeed).

i'm full of Good Intentions. as i think, or at least hope, most of us are.

i often think about posting on my blog, but - well - once i sit down to post...the words just don't make it to the screen and sound as good as they did in my head. so i'll start a post and just not post it.

type type type

BUT! THIS year, for my mum and dad, my resolution is to post more frequently to my own little blog my parents can read here what i've been up to rather than reading all my friends blogs to find out.

(thanks to aussie lass, flare, dispatches in france, momster, mrs. b, sarah, andie, and francophony for keeping them more up to date than i have - to date.)


La Rêveuse said...

How about adding some pictures?

Like of the MonsterFraggleScarf?

Movie seats optional.

Katia said...


hi kyliemac's mum and dad :) it is our pleasure to keep you up to date with kylies shenanigans.

irene said...