Wednesday, January 4

and that ain't no lie.

in other news, i wore my MonsterFraggleScarf to the video store while i was home-for-the-holidays, and the young man that checked out our movies commented on my scarf.

"i really like your scarf."

"thanks. i made it."

"you made that? i really like it, and that ain't no lie. really."

i look at him and smile and give him a nod meaning "thanks (again)", and flash a look at my dad.

"it's really cool."

apparently, he feels that his sole attention and admiration of my scarf is not sufficient.

"hey susan, look at her scarf. isn't that cool? she made that."

susan looks at my scarf, dutifully remarks on said scarf, that yes, indeed, it is cool. and she continues to check movies out.
this admiration is apparently still not sufficient for the wonder that is the MonsterFraggleScarf.

(i *could* have told him that it was a useful scarf as well, not only to protect the neck against the winter chill, but to save Multiple Seats in movie theatres.)

he now addresses the entire store.

"hey everybody! look at her scarf! she made that! isn't it cool?" then addressing me again, he adds:
"i really do like your scarf, and that ain't no lie."

my dad smirked all the way home.

and that ain't no lie.


La Rêveuse said...

At least he didn't call you a nasty name in French.


That ain't no lie, neither.

By the way, I love the Fraggle scarf, too, and covet it much.

Katia said...

hilARious. this is truly a multi use scarf - not only does it keep you warm, but it saves seats for people at the cinema AND it provides a topic of conversation for numerous people. what more could you want? the ideal scarf!