Wednesday, January 4

bonne année

Bonne Année à tous!!

i've returned today after a two-week and two day séjour "back home".

being "back home" is always a surreal experience, because it's as if the moment i cross the threshold of my parents humble abode (complete with new carpeting, thank-you-very-much), that i haven't been gone for 2 1/2 years. i just slip in to the moment that i left, except some people may have longer hair or shorter hair or different color hair, and there may have been some various experiences to fill other people in on.

things i did:
DROVE MY CAR :: swoon ::
bought new shoes (YAY!)*
updated hal jr. - (thanks dave)!!
caught up with friends
bought some movies i've been coveting
looked for movies i couldn't find anywhere (save online) dammit.
wrapped christmas gifts
opened christmas gifts
fixed hal jr. - (thanks dave)!!
bought new jeans
ate christmas cookies - (thanks mum c!)

and a bunch of other stuff.

*now you may think, "the girl lives in PARIS? why does she get excited about buying new shoes in the states?" and to this i reply: pair of converse high tops in paris: 55€ - pair of SAME converse high tops in small midwestern michigan town: $40 - with the added bonus of the buy 2nd pair 1/2 off. i don't suck That Bad at math. :)

i took the shuttle back from the airport (couldn't manage all my baggage alone on the metro and stairs) - and actually, it is not a bad deal. considering to have someone come out to the airport and help me - it's be 30€ plus an hour and a half (just for the return trip). the shuttle is only 27€ and is door-to-door - no lugging luggage, no transfers, no waiting on platforms. *sighs dreamily* if only i'd discovered it sooner.

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