Friday, March 24

as heard on the métro

i've added a little sidebar (holy cats i'm learning HTML!), which i'll update from time to time with songs that i've heard on the métro. sometimes i'll find myself unconsciously humming along to something, and all of a sudden realize that it's some eighties one-hit-wonder, or some 'oldie' i haven't heard in ages.

then i'll have to snigger, because it will be a song that one would only hear on some "Flashback Friday" program...

your assignment:
the next time you are dining in a parisian restaurant, make a mental note to what you are listening to while you dine.
i'll bet you dollars $ to donuts, or rather euros € to pain au chocolats, that you'll be listening to something in english.


PutYourFlareOn said...

The last one I hear ALL THE TIME! Why do they love that song so much?

I like this series... rock on.

Paris Lights said...

I think we must be on the same line, I've heard those songs too. What about Ave Maria played by a trumpet in Concorde station!

Jonathan & Kari said...

We live in Lyon and hear Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" pretty regularly on Sunday mornings...on our way to church which makes it even funnier!