Tuesday, March 28

-JM is my hero of the week!

saturday my employer informs me that i have a package waiting for me.
"i think it's marshmallows," she says.

"YIPPPEEEEEEEEE!" think i, running downstairs to fetch said package.

sure enough, upon opening the door to the apartment, the package is sitting on the buffet. a nice size package from my dear friend stateside, with the words "MARSHMALLLOW PEEPS" emblazoned on the customs declaration.
so much for surprises. :: smirks ::

"it's for you," says the four-year-old.

"what is it?" asks the ever-inquisitive-seven-year-old.

"it's marshmallow peeps," says i, a smile plastered on my face, for who doesn't love receiving surprise packages!?

nathan runs to fetch the scissors, for surely i can not be expected to wait the additional 3 minutes it would take to climb up the stairs again and find my own scissors. and after ripping carefully opening the box of happiness (which incidentally also comes in potato chip bags), i discover a bunch of little styrofoam peanuts.

nathan, understanding the "marshmallow" part of "marshmellow peeps" but not quite so sure about the "peep" part wants to know if you can eat them.


i find a note amongst the peanuts and shredded paper...

"...it's very disconcerting to be walking down an aisle...and have a little marshmallow bird scream, "send me to kylie!" in front of a dozen shoppers!"

yes. i'm sure it is. little beasties! nothing to do BUT SEND THEM TO FRANCE!!!

i pull the first box out. pink peeps. the little chick ones.

i pull out the second box. 3 MORE little trays of the sugar coated creatures. this time white.

i pull out the THIRD box. these are blue. (personally, i have a problem with blue peeps. but that won't stop me from eating them!!!!! i feel the same way about blue m&ms. they are just - well - wrong somehow.)

for the past several weeks, i've been using "REEEEALLLL bubble gum" as an *AHEM* incentive for the boys. if they don't kill one another, and nathan practices his piano, and does his homework without too much fuss, and if david does his "engleesh" and doesn't bug his brother (too much) while he's doing his homework, at the end of the week, they will each be rewarded with a piece of REAL bubble gum (not shewing gum - bubble gum - (and yes, i meant to spell it with an "S" - that's how they pronounce it here) with which you can make BUBBLES. my mum said i'm getting a LOT of mileage out of a single piece of bubble gum. :: grins slyly ::

and now - the problem.
i've run out of gum.
(i'd been using Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum in case you are curious)

but new *AHEM* in-cent-tive has just dropped into my lap. in a moment of brilliant inspiration i say,

"if you and your brother are good this week (refer to above), i'll share some peeps with you on friday."

"COOL!" he exclaims, as he begins to count the boxes (in english). "one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine!" then, returning back to his native tongue, "that's enough for NINE WEEKS!"

huh. WHAT?!

"WAIT A MINUTE!" i say, "THESE ARE MY PEEPS! at the end of the week i'll share ONE box with you and david. you get two, david gets two, and i get one."

one box of peeps, NOT NINE!

i mean, hey, i'm sharing.
but not all of them! after all, they were calling out MY name!!!!!


PutYourFlareOn said...

You know, as long as you keep those peeps in an air tight place, they keep FOREVER! Imagine how long you'll have incentive peeps for the boys? Like the blues ones? I'm sure they don't mind blue and I'm right there with you with the blue ones, those are weird.

How do you feel about blue jelly bellies? Or is all blue candies in general that you don't like.

We must discuss this in depth very soon! *wink*

ViVi said...

Dude, I will happily bring you back some real bubble gum! Hope your peeps stay safe!

kylie said...

dude! you would so be my hero!!! ;)

Jonny said...

The customs declaration form was a definite risk. Just think, they could have fallen into the hands of an evil-peep-lover! They probably would have choked on the blue ones though. Glad you got them. Little did they know, when they were screaming your name, that they would be shipped off to France only to be devoured by a mellow-hungry American in Paris!

Samantha said...

I am SO jealous, I love peeps!

miss tango in her eyes said...

I guess you gave them the blue ones!