Tuesday, March 28

the world of peeps

i've torn through an entire package of peeps already.

:: whistles innocently ::

i have banned myself from eating any of the pink ones until friday, when they can be opened in safety (for they won't last the weekend) as i have to guard at least one tray in protective custody for the boys.*

when i received this delightful surprise, i thought of a link that ms. aussie lass sent me a few weeks ago regarding the strangely addictive creatures.

Excerpt from link:
"Girl #1: We did this experiment with Peeps in high school. Nothing dissolved them. Not hydrochloric acid. Highly concentrated. Not sulfuric acid. Highly concentrated. Not nitric acid. Highly concentrated. Nothing dissolved except the eyes."

i had a hard time believing this - i mean COME ON. it's MARSHMALLOW for heaven's sake.

:: pauses ::

:: suddenly unsure ::

isn't it??

and because God has made me a curious creature, and because al gore has invented the internet, and because some very creative people created google, and just because i can - i googled and found the following information, which makes for interesting reading.

according to the guys who put up the site, in their 'scientific' experiment they tried dissolving the little beasties in the following liquids: water -acetone - sulfuric acid -sodium hydroxide.

did they dissolve?

you'll have to follow the link to find out. credit where credit is due, and all that.

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