Tuesday, December 19

the french system

that would be 17/20.

understanding that they don't grade here like they do in the states.
10 is passing.
20 is impossible. and i mean I.M.P.O.S.S.I.B.L.E ( or so i understand)

i found this online by way of explanation:

The French grading system is based on a scale of 20, as opposed to 100 in the US system. It would be inaccurate to merely multiply a French grade by a factor of five to find its U.S. equivalent. Grades in France are awarded on a scale of 1-20, but the tradition is such that grades higher than 16 are seldom awarded. The passing grade for a single subject is usually 10/20 although grades of 8 and 9 can indicate satisfactory performance. Grading in France is particularly severe and can vary from one institution to another and from one course to another."

perhaps i should add, for the benefit of those of you who know me, that um, my final AND my written analysis were both on the same work.

:: grins ::

bram stoker's DRACULA.

:: snickers ::

the prof wrote "excellent travail (work)" on BOTH of them.

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David Kolenda said...

OK, now I can be impressed!