Monday, January 15

new year. new look. new blog.


so there will be those of you who say technically this is not a new blog because it's the same name as my previous blog. still others of you will argue that to have a NEW blog, i would have to have an OLD blog, and since i don't blog much at all, who am i kidding? others of you will simply be amazed that i've written anything at all.

with all that aside, here we are with a new look. i may fiddle with it in the future, but for the moment, it works. i had toyed with the .mac blog, but it simply took too long to upload any changes, and with blogger - it's lickety-split. (comparatively speaking). the other thing is with .mac having to buy more space to keep photos and archives and whatnot. blogger free, therefore blogger better.

let's get into the post, shall we?

i'd like to wish you all a happy new year. (albeit belated). which brings to my mind the question: when does it become TOO late to wish someone a happy new year? i'd argue that it can be done until the end of january.

and with the new year brings (for many) the New Year's Resolutions. ::insert dramatic music here::
do you make them? i do, and break them as soon as possible. that would be a good resolution for me, to resolve to break my other new year's resolutions. at least that would be one i would keep.

(some of) my new year's resolutions:
by kylie mac.

1. floss. (i've added this only because i told my dentist i would).
2. blog at least once a week.
3. take my vitamins. (that is on my doctor's advice.)
4. touch my toes (without bending my knees). i'm as elastic as a can opener (read: not at all)
5. write something to andy (the revolutionary) every week.

one day, not long ago, i found a posting online looking for revolutionaries. a plea, if you will, a battle cry to prevent the art of correspondance from being lost. e-mail has it's place, and i love the internet too, but i had to agree with him. not only are normal everyday letter boxes becoming overstuffed with spam mail and bills and ads, so are our virtual mailboxes. spam spam spam. for mortgages on homes most of us don't own and the opportunity to work from those homes. (and HOW many "male enhancement" offers do YOU get in YOUR mailbox each day?) when was the last time you opened up your mailbox and had a letter - a hand-written letter addressed to YOU?

i'm probably one up on you, because i got one last week, and am anxiously awaiting another.

so if any of you would like to join andy's revolution along with me, please feel free to send me your snail mail address. or you can check out andy's page on myspace and write to him. or better yet, pick up your own pen and write a letter to a complete stranger, someone from your high school you haven't talked to in ages, your best friend that you talk to on the phone every day, or even your mum and dad.

it will bring a smile to their faces. (unless it's a mean letter, or a guilt letter, or a letter asking for money.)

yours in keeping the postal employed or over-worked (your choice),


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sunny said...

excellent post.

I too am inspired this year to do more snail mail correspondence! I can keep in touch with friends (new and old) and family and indulge in my fondness for pretty stationery. win-win situation, I'd say.

Thanks for the extra *push* (uh, inspiration). I'll write a few letters this week.

I thought I was computer literate but was unable to find your email address. I was going to send you my address for some snail mail :)

I can be reached at sunnysblog (at) gmail (dot) com