Sunday, January 28

crotte de bique

a funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store.

this morning, as kimmy and i were walking to the grocery store for some supplies, she exclaimed, "hey! there's a goat!"

i looked up ahead and saw a head peeping out from around the corner. at first i thought that it was just an extremely ugly dog, but a moment's confirmation proved that it was indeed a goat and was eating some leaves strewn before it. when we got to the store, we saw there was a man holding it on a leash, asking for money.

in paris, i've seen horses on the rare occasion, myriad dogs, and even donkeys (in the gardens for the children to ride), but this was the first time i've ever seen a goat in the city.


before i thought it was just crotte de chien that you had to watch out for.
now we have to add crotte de bique to the list.


PutYourFlareOn said...

Oh, that would have been an awesome photo! Crotte de Bique! LOL!

David Kolenda said...

For us non-French speaking souls, Google translates "crotte de bique" as "droppings of a she-goat".

Which makes me wonder, do the French really differentiate between the droppings of a male and female goat?

Katia said...

WHO KNEW the phrase I taught you guys last night would come in so handy today?
but seriously, a GOAT? hehe. are you sure it was a nanny goat? otherwise it would have just been crotte de chevre. heh.

Kim said...

It had some pretty hardcore horns too. Thankfully, he/she didn't do a Zidane on us!