Monday, January 29

change (still) comes from within

last year, on nearly this exact date, i wrote this post.

the jar is still there.
actually, that's not entirely true- let me rephrase.
the change is still there.

while at the post one day, i noticed that the automatic stamp machines, the ones that spit out boring little stickers with the amount of required postage on them, accepted coins! even 1 and 2 cent pieces. i was all amazement. there was something in paris that willingly accepted 1 and 2 cent pieces?? i couldn't believe my good fortune.


'i have found the solution to my dilemma,' thought i. 'i can use the little blighters to help fund the revolution!

i hurried home that same day, dividing up the annoying little creatures (for indeed they multiply like rabbits) into neat little groupings - then placing them into individual envelopes carrying 85 centimes worth. this way, i could carry an envelope with me, knowing exactly how much it contained (enough for a letter to the states), and when i tripped over one of the many post offices liberally sprinkled throughout paris, i could pop in, tear open the envelope, get rid of all this annoying change, and get a stamp in the bargain - a stamp that i would send off to america and would no longer be cluttering my little closet!

a 'practically perfect' solution!

excitedly, i carried my first envelope to the post down the street. i selected the correct parameters - and began dropping the coins two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven...suddenly, after twenty something coins worth, they all dropped down out making a h3ck of a lot of noise. the machine was not happy with me and said i had entered too many coins or that they were defective. (i'll say they're defective!!!

seems that my 'practically perfect' solution is no longer so practically perfect.
:: unamused look ::

so i am open to suggestions (other than seeing how many i can stuff up my nose. that one's already been offered up). the coins are no longer in the jar, but in neatly labeled individual envelopes.

and they sit, on my shelf, waiting.
and multiplying.
like rabbits.


Kim said...

Couldn't you just take a couple envelopes of your precounted coins down to the post office at a time and buy a couple stamps? I mean perhaps taking them all at once would really make the postal worker uh... go postal, but perhaps in small doses?

PutYourFlareOn said...

I think you can go to the bank and ask for those coin rolls for the little change and then take them into the bank and change them into bills or bigger coins. Julien mentioned this to me but the fact of having to count them out turned me off from this idea. But since you've already have them counted out AND separated! It's worth a try?