Tuesday, February 20

american doll posse

tori's new album comes out in may, and the tour kicks off in italy.

june 2nd is the paris date.

who's coming with me?

click here for the info


PutYourFlareOn said...

Me! Me! By the Julien should be able to take care of the babe himself!

Stefanie said...

That is a real drag. I saw her in concert about 10 years ago (just saying that makes me feel old) and it was brilliant! I'd love to go but I'm getting married on the 2nd. Think I can ditch the groom?

kylie said...

i have seen many tori concerts - she is Amazing live - i think the only tour i've missed is the first one - and i have strangely odd (in a good way) luck with tori related concerts. it could prove problematic to ditch the groom, at best. too bad the concert isn't BEFORE the wedding, then we could drag you off as your bachelorette party!

The Late Bloomer said...

Hey there! I just saw all the info about Tori's new album release last week, and I also saw she was going to kick off a tour, stopping in Paris. So now you've given me the date, excellent! Jenn over at No Place Like It and myself were talking about going, too. Maybe we can make it a big group thing? I would love to join you gals!

I'm a big Tori fan, but I have to admit I've never seen her in concert (I know, for shame) -- just haven't had the opportunity before now. So I'd love to make it this time around.

Where is she playing in Paris, BTW?

kylie said...

:: sighs :: tori is A M A Z I N G live. her energy is incredible. last time she played at the zenith - this time it's palais de congress. for me, i prefer the more intimate venues (by comparison at any rate!) the more the merrier!) but if i get a chance at the front row again!!!! :)