Monday, March 5

scoubidou est malade

my job is so enlightening and informative.
in the playroom today:

d chants:
"scoubidou est malade (scooby-doo is sick)
on amene a l'hôpital (we take him to the hospital)
l'hôpital est fermé (the hospital is closed)
scoubidou va péter" (scooby-doo is going to fart)

"that's not how it goes! it REALLY goes -
"scoubidou est malade
on amene a l'hôpital
l'hôpital est fermé
scoubidou va CRAQUER" (scooby-doo is gonna snap/die)

"yeah, i know that's how it really goes,
but i like singing "is going to fart" better."

these kids really like to sing about farting what IS it about kids liking to be so "pipi/caca"?


Katia said...

Talking about farts is tremendous fun, no matter what your age.

Anyway. I think I might have found myself a new thinking song. To what tune must we hum this scoubidou is malade?

kim said...

I remember a Scooby-Doo song in English along similar lines:

Scooby Doobie Doo had a poo
and Shaggy thought it was candy
Shaggy took a bite
and didn't feel so right
And that was the end of Shaggy.

The Bold Soul said...

I guess kids love to talk about farting in ANY culture. Potty humor knows no cultural or language barriers. And now I know how to say it in French.

Anonymous said...

"Scoubidou va peter" does not have to be translated to "scooby-doo is going to fart" but rather "scooby-doo is going to explode". The word "peter" means the 2 of them.