Wednesday, July 11

la chasse aux tresors

last saturday i went on a treasure hunt.
it was a lot of fun.

but i don't really post much on my blog, as those of you who occasionally visit it know well.
i thought about posting about this even though.

really i did.

although since the bold soul did already, now i don't have to.
you can read about our adventures here.

or if you can listen to my recounting of the tale on the podcast, here's where you'll find it!
k&k episode 61 - the one where Kylie does a treasure hunt... and stuff...


The Bold Soul said...

Well, Kylie, you might blog in brief but you're a great treasure hunt partner and the podcast you and Katia did on the Chasse was hysterical! And I didn't realize that graffiti painting of the movie guy was HITCHCOCK, but you're right - it was!

Thanks for the link-through, babe!

David Kolenda said...

You're getting lazy in your old age!