Monday, July 9

my paypal account is going to be suspended!!

i better go to the site directly and update all my information right away!
:: pause ::


:: rolls eyes ::
gggrrrrr. arrrrgggghhhh.

(they are soooo attempting to be sneaky too - the domain at the end of the email is @ paypall (dot) com.

anybody know where to report these scammers to?

UPDATE: if you get any of these ANNOYING scam (phishing) emails,
you can report those referring to paypal accounts to the following -


Together we can help stop fraud.
If you think you’ve received a phishing email:
Forward the email to
Delete the email


David said...

This is a rather common phishing attempt. But it's even more dangerous than a regular bank phishing mail (since there hardly any way to guess what is your bank but there's a chance you once used a paypal account to pay any web service, it's so commonplace)

Hurry up, go get a paypal account, transfer a few grand and do whatever the mail says. Adventures ahead.

David Kolenda said...

I don't know if there's any way to stop them.

The Bold Soul said...

Same thing with fake eBay emails. I haven't bought or sold a thing on eBay for several years, yet at least 3 times a month I get phishing emails about alleged eBay items I'm allegedly buying or selling. Or emails claiming to be from eBay account administration asking me to "update my account info" which of course would contain my credit card or bank information.

NEVER EVER EVER respond to these things. When in doubt, do contact eBay or PayPal or whomever the fake emails are allegedly from and report it. It's hard to catch these guys but sometimes they CAN be caught.

Champsleeve said...

I get these e-mails at least once a week. I report all of them but it doesn't look like they are having any success in stopping them. I've been getting them for at least 2 years now!