Tuesday, September 2

la rentrée

school is back in session.

one of the things i always loved about going back to school (and it wasn't the actual going back to school) was the going back to school shopping. heading to the store to take advantage of all the back-to-school specials. rows and rows of paper and markers and glue and pencils and trapper keepers and folders - all in pristine, never-been-used condition. and the school year was always full of possibilities.

oh, trapper keepers, how i miss thee (and the fact that you could NEVER be opened discretely)

ok. i'm back.

so the boys went back to school today, gleeful to not have any 'devoirs' (homework) yet.
and i have a list of things i should be accomplishing myself.

including making the list of things i should be accomplishing myself.

so, um, i am going to go do that now...


Texas Espresso said...

:: falls to the floor in a shocked faint::

ok, whew. YAY you're back! I'm so glad I accidentally clicked your link ::wink wink::. I always loved the school shopping too. and in fact was sad not to be able to go with my niece (7) and nephew(11) this year. (He DID get a trapper keeper, I was so excited!) and you made me laugh out loud with your comment about opening them discretely. LMAO you are too funny.

Happy birthday month!

Starman said...

trapper keepers????