Monday, September 1

the birthday month has begun

today is the first day of the rest of my life.
today also happens to be the first day of my birthday month.

i'm a person who makes new year's resolutions. but who ever keeps those?
but it's my birthday month, so technically, it *is* a new year for me.
gregorian calendar be damned! the french revolutionaries invented their own calendar, so why can't i?
(ok, so robespierre and others lost their head, but let's not go there...)

i've been mulling over the resurrection of my blog for sometime, but i never could put my finger on exactly what i would write about. what my 'angle' would be. i still don't know. but i've decided to give a little CPR to the old blog and see what comes of it. it'll sort itself out somehow. things usually do.

as some people that are dear to me know, i've got this niggly little superpower that involves details. little picayune details. and i get hung up on them. which is why it helps to have dear friends that can see the Big Picture.

so, dear friend, thanks for that.

there have been some things that i've been meaning to do that i haven't gotten around to yet. you know those things, the ones that you keep putting off and the longer you keep putting them off the more you put them off because by the time you get around to actually doing them it's almost like 'what's the point?" actually, there's a lot of things that i've been meaning to do. so maybe i should start doing them?

let's see what my new year brings.

Happy Birthday Month To Me.


Anonymous said...

Kylie Mac,
I hope you have a fantastic birthday month! September is my favorite time of the year in Paris. I hope this month brings you lots of adventures.

La Rêveuse said...

Rebienvenue! :) Glad you're back, and hope you have an awesome birthday month. Can you celebrate with cake every day?

Looking forward to more...

The Bold Soul said...

Oh, CAKE EVERY DAY... now THERE'S a great idea. And lord knows you can get some good gateaux in Paris.

Vivi said...

Oh, hullo. :)

L-Dizzle said...

Happy birthmonthnewyear to you! Glad you're back from your sabbatical!

Ksam said...

My God woman, it's about damn time you posted!! And why do you feel the need to have an "angle"? Just let the poor blog "be"!!

PS. Bring on the birthday month celebrations, lord knows I will be needing some drinks over the next few weeks!!

Leah said...

Oh, that was me above ps.

Starman said...

Happy Birthday Month!!

Justin said...

Well Happy Birthday month... and it is nice to see a post on your blog! NOW KEEP IT UP!