Tuesday, September 9

postcard requests

i recently received an email from my dad asking me to send a postcard to his friend's niece's 3rd grade class.
they are collecting postcards from all over the world, and i've now added a postcard from my part of the world to the pot.

i have been asked to make use of my "vast resources", so i'm asking you, dear vast resources, if any of you are feeling in a somewhat philanthropic mood, and would like to add your postcard to the effort, please send me an email or a message and i'll get the information to you.

YOU could be responsible for making the day of a classroom full of 8 and 9-year-olds.
it's GOT to be good for your karma.

thank you for your support.


Antipodeesse said...

Email me the details ASAP baby! I give really good postcard!

I'll even send them one from NZ and another from Australia, if that's not TOO cheaty............

Mia said...

Katia has my email address, either get it from her or have her send me the address and I can send a few from DC, the Outer Banks, and my part of Maryland. I will be up in Gettysburg on Sunday so I can pick up a few from there.

The more the merrier.

Texas Espresso said...

I can have my italian send one from italy. can you email me the info =)

Marie Reed said...

I'm seeing you everywhere all of a sudden! I just spotted you at Katie's too! Sign me up lady. I would love to send a postcard:)